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Theses and dissertations writings demands a significant period to prepare, research, and gain in-depth knowledge on the subject. While the two names (thesis and dissertation) are used interchangeably, in actual terms, different universities/programs adapt them differently. For instance, most university programs in the US require one to write a thesis for a master’s program. To qualify in a doctorate program however, one must write a dissertation. The converse is true in Britain; doctorate students write a thesis whereas those pursuing a Masters program must write a dissertation. Here, we provide useful tips on how to handle each kind of paper depending on your place of origin and program studied.

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A major difference between theses and dissertations writing is with regard to the manner in which either is written. In writing a thesis, one must research and write on an original topic that stems from the research question (s) (or hypothesis/hypotheses). Writing a thesis therefore, demands that one identifies a hypothesis or hypotheses to research on, approve, or disapprove. Based on this hypothesis (hypotheses) one adapts a methodology to generate data, analyze data, and discuss the results ascertaining whether the claims made were proved or disapproved. In this regard, a thesis paper has several chapters; the introduction, literature search, the methodology approach, results and findings/ discussion and the conclusion chapter.

Whereas you might want to suggest a new topic based on the hypothesis, you must intensively review the existing literature that has studied similar phenomenon to your own. This will help you identify any gaps in literature, how your thesis paper will merge such gaps, and the most appropriate methodology to generate enough data for analysis. The Methodology of the paper details how you will carry out the study including the materials and procedures used. This will be followed by the collection of data based on whether your study type is qualitative or quantitative. Upon data collection, you now embark on data analysis using the most appropriate tools so as to draw the correct inference (s) with regard to the hypothesis (hypotheses) initially posited. This will be followed by a discussion of why your findings are similar to or different from others that have investigated same or similar phenomenon and why this might be the case. The conclusion is a recap of the major findings, constrictions your study makes, and areas where further research is needed.

It goes without saying then that writing a thesis paper project will require familiarity with the area of study but also that one be conversant with other aspects of carrying out scholarly research, and more so data analysis, findings presentation, discussions, and insights into implications for research and practice.

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As opposed to a thesis, dissertations writings are focused on a detailed synthesis of the information learned on a particular subject over an extended period. The purpose of writing a dissertation is to add to the body of knowledge on the specified subject. As such, it is important to keep track of new developments on the subject you might be interested, whether for the masters or doctorate program. To write the best dissertation, you must first carry out extensive reviews of the literature to identify a unique topic to research on. In fact, dissertation writing is a culmination of years of research on specific topic. Moreover, you must plan your time well so that you deliver the final product by the deadline. You must write clearly, articulate your findings well, and depict thorough understanding of the topic clearly, but must also show a succinct comprehension of the ideas and concepts advanced on the topic. Remember that some programs demand that the dissertation paper you write is first approved by a dissertation committee before you can graduate, which is scary to most students.

In some universities, especially at the doctorate level, the dissertation you write will be presented before a committee for evaluation. This can scary!. Notably, members sitting in the dissertation committee will be authorities in the subject of study. Therefore, there is no way you can write dissertation with unverified opinions and expect it to pass through this committee. To write a perfect dissertation that will pass the evaluations committee, you must present findings that are factual, over and beyond submitting a scholarly piece that adheres to scientific requirements for research. The dissertation written must be devoid of colloquial language, undefined jargon, and slang. The dissertation paper must further demonstrate clarity of thought, coherence, understanding of topic, and be devoid of words, statements, and phrases that need to be qualified, such as the use of probable facts that might be best quantitatively presented. All these requirements posit that writing a dissertation that will pass the evaluations committee is no easy fete.

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