Signing up for Obamacare Marketplace Proves Time Consuming for some.”

The Affordable Care Act may have seemed to lose support grounds but this is no longer the case after its official signing nearly two months ago. However, the registration is inconveniencing because those trying to purchase policies that are in accordance with the Act, are finding it to be time consuming according to Burkes and Cosgrove’s article, “Signing up for Obamacare marketplace proves time consuming for some.” Burkes and Cosgrove explain that most families want to avoid the risk of health surprises and therefore have resolved to sign for the affordable healthcare insurance (para. 7). Most people have grown impatient of receiving prompts requiring them to wait for a while because the federal Department of Health and Human Services site, the official market place, is down (9-11). News from the office points out that most people were able to register on the first day and that the delays are due to overwhelming interests and high volumes of people trying to register (para. 12; para. 18). Burkes and Cosgrove advance that most people are still optimistic over the healthcare insurance and that the delays will not discourage them (para. 20-24). However, Burkes and Cosgrove conclude with a cautionary note that some people are finding the premiums costly than they initially thought (para. 39). In summary, the article is pointing out on the how the affordable care system is inconveniencing Americans in terms of time wastage and the costly premiums.

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The Obamacare health insurance is one of the current events that exemplify federalism. For instance, the marketplace insurance is controlled by the federal Department of Health and Human Services. Obamacare also displays federalism by the fact that the federal government is the one that gives the directive for expansion of Medicaid in all the states. Conclusively, the federal government is the key player in the healthcare issue.

Healthcare issues should be handled by individual states because of various reasons. First, health is a sensitive area that touches the core of humanity and giving the mandate to the federal government to manage the health for over 300 million Americans might be quite a task; therefore, it could be better for the federal government to disburse health funds to the states for easier management and better service delivery. Secondly, different states have different health care areas to be addressed meaning healthcare concerns cannot be similar in all states hence the need to practice independence. In essence, the State Health Secretaries, and not the federal Department of Health and Human Services, should handle health care issues.

It seems that the Obamacare issue is headed the federal way rather than the state control meaning there will be no shared responsibility. This is because one has to register for the health insurance through the federally owned market place; this is the site where one is redirected to his or her own state for actual registration. The overall conclusion is that the federal government is controlling the healthcare mandate of states.

The current healthcare responsibility is unconstitutional because it violates the Tenth Amendment that established dual federalism. The framers of dual federalism believed that limiting the federal power and allowing states or its people to enjoy the remaining undesignated power could promote access to fundamental rights and reduce the probability of oppression from power. Health is a fundamental right and the action of the federal government to control how healthcare processes should be carried out in the US, denies the residual power that should be enjoyed by the people hence differing with the intentions of dual federalism framers.

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