Sample Essay: What is Art?

Art began with the beginning of humanity. Through art, human beings are able to convey messages regarding their capability to develop a supportive link to their surrounding, which could be fellow humans. Art assists humans to transform nature to become more favorable to their life. Art therefore is a tool that is necessary for the survival of human beings. It has facilitated man’s evolution from the past to the present. It has also been used to express messages of social and political class, faith and traditions. One should therefore reflect on a broad perspective while trying to define what art is.

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Definition of art

Art is something that looks attractive, fascinating or thrilling. These characteristics make art interesting hence becoming the best way for conveying messages, since people will tend to pay attention to things that will make them relax their minds. Art depends mainly on the use of illustrations to express ideas. The artist ensures that the viewer understands the message by simply looking at the illustration. The brain of the viewer is set to cope with the mood portrayed by the art. It may be an image portraying a holy place, a dirge which is a sign of sorrow or a painting to portray cheerful events.

According to Bart Rosier, “Art is a historical blueprint of human vision and imagination.” Art is an imaginative attempt which integrates many characteristics of the human being. It is a sign of intelligence and the ability to combine several resources to come up with a resourceful image which is intended to be educative, informative and forewarning of impending dangers.


Art is used to express differences in various cultures of the world, and the changes that occur with time. Art is mostly a symbol of its cultural setting hence there is immense effect of culture established in the art environment.

According to Megan Backhouse, “There are many different definitions that explain art to be a study, practice and or observation whether it be in relation to scientific arts or the art of thinking.” Many artists use it as a means to present people with a design in relation to the prevailing circumstances, which may possibly not be clear if it was only said without art. Art connects the artistic mind and the minds of the viewer. It therefore deliberately generates poignant communication between the artiste and the spectators.


Art has various definitions. These mainly depend on the circumstances for which art is intended to portray specific information. Art is an external way of putting in to view an artist’s imagination and feelings. It portrays the unseen ability of the artist. It is the process of developing complex ideas and feelings in to an easy and understandable form. In a comprehensive way, art is an articulate means of demonstrating the imaginative and creative prowess of the artiste, which arouses the sensation, attitude, judgment and the opinion of the spectators, who eventually adapt the concept in the art. An example of such is the various art work found on religious places depicting supremacy of supernatural beings. Humans tend to respect such places because of the imaginative ability and creativity of the artist.



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