Sample Essay on Sedentary Exercises to Loose Weight

There are various alternative ways of loosing weight other than sweating out in the gym or struggling with dieting. These are in-active ways that are as effective as any other activity aimed at loosing weight. According to Mike Lombardy, “you can actually burn your calories while watching television by doing some simple exercises without using weights.” This reveals that loosing weight does not necessarily have to involve painstaking exercises that only a few can cope with. Many people lack information about these passive exercises that could be beneficial to their plans of losing weight. Mike Lombardy further states that, “bodyweight training is a time-tested technique that has been used to tone your body, increase muscle power, and get rid of body flab”. This is an indication that weight loss is a process rather than a mere bouncing activity.

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This article is a very important guide to passive ways of loosing weight. These are good especially for those who are reluctant to vigorous exercises that cause much sweating. Such people dread rigorous activities that require much time and perseverance to exhaustive practices. All that is needed is for one to know exactly how to perform these exercises. Mike Lombardy also explains five such ways which include; “squats that are very easy to do and extremely effective, lunges which are a great way of exercising all major muscles such as hips and thighs, step ups which work the hamstrings and increase stamina as well, push ups which can be performed to work all the major muscles of the body, push ups which work the chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and back and lastly sit-ups which can work the abdominals”. It gives details of the steps that should be followed in order for one to perform a perfect exercise.


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