Relevance of the Title “The Things They Carried”

Throughout the story, The Things They Carried”, the author has been able to remain relevant to the title of the story. For instance, when soldiers go into a battle they do not go empty handed; they carry the necessary tools to help them survive during their most intensive moments in the battlefield. These tools do not only include common artillery such as machine guns or grenades, but also other small accessories such as a can opener or a lighter.

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All these items were necessary in the battlefields. Some of the may have had a personal value that served to bring hope whenever one faced a difficult situation. No matter how heavy the items they carried were, soldiers kept on carrying them until they died in the battlefield. Ted Lavender died while carrying all these items. The loads carried were only useful when soldiers lived but not when they dropped dead. The things they carried ceased to exist when they died.

It is also important to note that all the things that were carried by soldiers were not only materialistic in nature but also emotional. The fear that they had in battle made the soldiers overload themselves with all sorts of items. Each item carried depended on the kind of mission that they were being sent out to fulfill; however, this did not stop the soldiers from carrying the different emotions that they had. The kind of physical equipment carried depended on the complexities of the mission. If the mission was to destroy an enemy, they carried explosives. On the contrary, the emotional baggage never changed with the kind of missions that the soldiers were assigned to. Accordingly, the author is able to remain true to the title by demonstrating both the physical and emotional baggage that the soldiers carried on their different missions.

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