National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum

The National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC are two magnificent facilities situated on the Ninth streets. This was one of the most attractive places that I visited. Once inside, the feeling of satisfaction is normally overwhelming for a visitor. Opening at 11.30 a. m and closing at 7.00 p. m allows the visitors to have ample time for viewing and learning. Once inside, time was not a factor since there was so much to observe. Artistic representations of celebrities, important personalities of the past governments, critical thinkers as well as villains are found in the portrait gallery represented through visual arts. Paintings and sculptures are some of the fascinating views found in the museum. All these together with creative drawings and paintings add up to more than 20, 000 collections of creative works. There are six exhibitions that are permanent in the National Portrait Gallery. It also contains sculptures and drawings of past American presidents. America’s history about the origin of Americans is presented by informed workers in the gallery. The available exhibitions normally feature the prominent people who excelled in entertainment and sports in the 20th century.

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The Smithsonian American Art Museum holds a large variety of American art. It is most likely the largest collection of American art globally. So many artworks dated from the seventeenth century are present in this museum. The largely inclusive visual arts in the museum present a variety of exhibits of the American history. Visitors are presented with gifts, reading materials and graphics in the stores of the museum. Most of the catalogues and books are on American art. There are millions of artistic objects associated with America’s history. It is hard for a visitor to go through all of these in one day. There are staffs who guide visitors through the museum as well as activities in which they participate in order to facilitate their learning.

American Indian Museum

The museum is situated in the National Mall. This is found between the Capitol Building and the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. It is usually open from September to June. In the museum visitors learn much about American Indian culture. The museum staffs are experienced people who took me and other visitors all over the exhibitions explaining in detail and answering questions from their audience. They offer guided tours depending on the interests of the visitors. The staffs are American Indian professionals whose experience is evident from the way they handle guests. The museum has artwork of American Indian origin which attracts the attention of many observers. This artwork demonstrates the American Indian traditions.

The exhibitions include modern works by recent American Indian artists. Sculptures, photography, drawings and painting are some of the fascinating art work found in the museum. The most interesting thing is their appropriateness in regard to the image that the artists intended to portray. Within the museum is a gift shop that offers a variety of jewelry, woodcarvings and other aesthetic objects. The entry prices are affordable for visitors, with adults paying five dollars, three dollars for children for children and four dollars for senior citizens. On the third and fourth floors of the building are cultural and historical artifacts. There are works honoring Fritz Scholder who was an American artist through his artistic works. His works and of painting, sculptures and prints are some of the fascinating works that help visitors to understand American history and culture.



Holocaust Museum

This is one of the most intriguing museums which trigger memories about the Nazi. It is situated within in the national mall amongst other national monuments in the United. The holocaust museum building consists of three floors housing the permanent exhibition. Within the three floors are more than nine hundred artifacts which are a representation of the history of the holocaust. Eye witnesses that have been recorded in videos offer narratives about the situation during the holocaust. There are more than 60 monitors where the visitors can observe representations of some of the activities that were carried out by the Nazis. Horror stories of death and destruction are presented through the video shows. These have been produced in relation to the testimonies provided by the American soldiers from their experience in the liberation of Jews from the concentration camps of the Nazis. These visual exhibitions require little guidance and visitors normally follow the proceedings under self guidance. However, such exhibitions are limited to the age of eleven years.

For the children under the age of eleven, an exhibition branded as “Remember the children” provides a clear narrative of the holocaust to the children in a way that is easy for them to understand. Parents and teachers were also part of the visitors who came to learn from the museum. There are photographs showing soldiers from the United States in their journey to Europe and the difficulties that they faced on approaching the Nazi concentration camps. The museum database is easily accessible due to the presence of screens that allow easy access to the database of more than two hundred thousand survivors from more than 50 countries as well as their families. The holocaust museum is a place where visitors get to understand some of the most horrifying events in the history of mankind.

National Museum of American History

The National museum is another fascinating site. It holds artifacts of almost every kind. Ancient locomotives and garments are some of the artifacts that give visitors a tentative illusion of how the ancient times were in America. The Museum contains records of many happenings of the past. It is one of the museums that are properly equipped with a wide variety of artifacts. The orientation of visitors is usually at the exhibition floors found in the wings of each of them. Each wing has artifact that indicates the collection that visitors should expect in it. The Eastern part of the museum contains exhibitions about the earliest means of transport and technology. For this wing, the guiding artifact is the John Bull’s locomotive. The Western part of the first floor contains scientific exhibitions as well as American innovations. The guiding artifact is the telescope that was invented in 1865.

Exhibitions ranging from American poetry to the ancient American lifestyle are found in this museum. There are educated guides who are always available for the visitors in case they would like to enquire or seek clarification for something. A statue of George Washington which was made in the mid 18th century is present in the second floor and also serves as an indicator of the kind of works that a visitor should expect in this section. There is information concerning America’s political history as well as the wars that the nation has undergone. These are located within the third floor of the building. The floor also houses the history of the American presidency on the East wing while the West wing houses the history of American entertainment and sports. The museum is a center whereby those interested in learning the history of America can acquire important information ranging from entertainment to politics.

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