International Trade and Challenges in Motivating employees

An international trade can be defined as any business that is transacted across international borders. Many international managers reward and motivate their employees for meeting specific company goals, completing projects on time or otherwise showing appreciation for the employee’s good work. Employees have shown preference to simple perquisites like membership to gyms & clubs, personal time off, and even gift certificates. Some employers use monetary incentives for two reasons; money is an easier reward & employers believe that, their employees are constantly looking for other well paying jobs. Using monetary incentives regularly, in some cases, the employees will take it as an entitlement as opposed to its intended purpose. A good example is the Christmas bonus given to employees.

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Peer recognition is a very good tool when it comes to employee motivation and incentives. Poor managers quickly criticize employees when they do wrong, while when the employees do exemplary well, nothing is said. By telling an employee, well done in front of other workers creates wonders and truly generates a positive response from employees because the employer has recognized the good work the employees are doing.

In conclusion, international business managers need to understand the concept of motivation relating to rewards. If the rewards given to employees were attractive and stimulating, the employees would be motivated and would have the morale to achieve the desired company goals. It is very important for managers to analyze the attractiveness of the rewards & incentives to be offered to the employees. The managers should also understand that, the rewards and incentives should be fair, equitable & attractive to enhance employee maximum performance. Culture is very important consideration when developing employee rewards and incentives program. The managers need to understand the foreign cultures, practices & customs before any reward programme is put in place. Normally the degree of motivation varies from culture to culture, therefore it is very important for mangers to be trained and oriented to adequately appreciate foreign cultures.



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