Influencing Social Change Sample Paper

The society in general comprises of different people who exist in different state of affairs. This creates a difference in the people’s response towards approaches meant to influence social change. It requires a social worker to be analytical and creative in order to succeed in achieving the desired changes in the society. Achievement of political goals highly depends on creativity and the capability to influence the society towards believing in certain theories developed by an individual in order to ensure that the public shares a common understanding towards particular issues. It is important for a person to understand the social orientation of a community before embarking on activities that affect it. This can be achieved through thorough research concerning the target community. It also helps in understanding the problems faced by the community, the possible solutions as well as setting objectives to achieve the desired changes.

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Influencing Social Change

I have a strong impact in influencing social change, which is attributed to the methods that I employ in approaching social matters. It has always been significant to analyze principles and determine the best way in which they can be employed in a various social settings. This involves doing away with some of the ideologies that are not likely to bring out the expected impact on the society. These are replaced with those that present higher chances of success. Capitalizing on the strengths of these approaches, future expansion becomes easy and the necessary changes are achieved over a reasonable period of time. In all these activities, consideration of the moral aspects ensures that the methods used in bringing social change are acceptable in the society. They are neither too controlling nor disreputable. It has always been useful to pay attention to the feelings and the vision of the people who have been targeted to take my social perspective. This asserts that the views of the society are significant, and makes the people feel part of the process. It provides a chance to know how the people feel, thereby reducing the chances of encountering resistance.

The message presented to the people determines the impact in influencing social change. I ensure that facts are accompanied by theatrical representations and illustrations that help the people to have clear interpretations of the facts. I connect the societal values with the course that I have chosen to undertake, while trying to help the people to understand what is scarce within them and its usefulness once it has been realized. People get excited on understanding that their problem could be solved through a change in their attitudes towards particular issues. Acquiring what is scarce is usually a significant driving force towards a change of attitudes within the society. Instilling a sense of hope in the people is an important factor that influences the impact of social change. This is because a society with the hope of achieving something that they desire will always work to achieve it. Setting up role models helps the people to understand the outcome of change. Examples of others who have accomplished their goals through such change efforts gives people the confidence of undertaking the course. It is also important to set emotions within the society. Good moods are created by linking my intentions with those of the past, associating them with those of others who have excelled in the same field in the past.

I have particular interest in local, state, and national government and elections. This is for the reason that I always like to know who the representatives of the people in the government are, how they perform as well as being able to assess how effectively the people’s interests are represented. This is important in influencing social change since it highlights the areas where the people are most likely to feel misrepresented, which is the major cause of discontent in communities. It is also important to ensure that the society’s rights are taken seriously, and that the laws are set to assist everyone rather than turning out to be a tool for oppression. I support charity because it is the only way that human beings can give something in return for their success in businesses as well as in other ventures that generate income. Charity is important in ensuring that people do not suffer due to lack of essential commodities in life. Peter Brooks (1997) believes that supporting poor people enables them to be self sufficient, thereby promoting self reliance. A society that is self reliant presents an easy task for the government since they can not be over dependent on it. These are the reasons why I support charity.

Voluntary work is necessary in the society. This is because it provides ground on which various professionals and well wishers assist others mainly to acquire something that lacks in the society. There are certain services that are necessary for human survival, but are beyond their reach. Services such as guidance and counseling promote development in humans especially at certain stages of growth. Providing human services such as promoting the rehabilitation of drug addicts, offering counseling services and mentoring teenage girls are some voluntary activities that are significant for human survival. Many governments tend to concentrate mostly on offering medical services to their people, leaving a gap that needs to be filled by volunteers. I volunteer to be a mentor for vulnerable teenage girls as well as offering counseling to women addicted to drugs which are a threat to their health and as well as a major cause of social problems.


Brooks P. (1997). Consequences of Growing up in a Poor Family: The Impact of Voluntarism, New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

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