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write-book-article-movie-&-literature-reviewsWriting reviews may take different forms, not limited to critiques on work of arts, studies, or books. Reviews writing are usually meant to inform a specified audience on what they might gain by reading a given book, poem, article, or from watching a piece of art such as a movie, film, play, and so forth. In this regard, you might be tasked to write a book review, movie review, article review, play review, or literature review. The best ways to handle each exercise are outlined in more details below by our academic custom writing service.

How to write best book reviews

Writing a book review can be difficult owing to several factors. Notably, the exercise is meant to inform an audience on what they might gain from reading a book, and importantly, how the author of the given text has managed to present this information. When you tackle a book review therefore, you need to go beyond merely summarizing the content, but also provide own opinions on how the author has achieved their purpose through the writing. Where the book under review is voluminous, you could be asked to write a chapter-by-chapter review of the work. In this case, you should provide a candid articulation of what each chapter discussed and whether the author (s) succeeded in presenting the same to the audience in the manner intended. You then repeat this exercise, but now moving progressively from one chapter to the next, noting the strength points and areas that could have been presented better. To achieve this, you need to articulate to what is presented, explicitly or impliedly, by the author, the main points in the discussions, the evidence presented to support the work, the literature used and so forth. Importantly, you need to evaluate the credibility of not only what has been presented but also the author’s qualifications; and hence, potentials to make whatever claims they are making. In other words, is the author qualified enough and experienced to be discussing the kind of subjects elucidated in the first place?

Upon elucidating all of the above, you now go ahead and offer an informed summary on whether the book and author have achieved their purpose in the work as so presented. Not all students can write a book review, owing to a myriad of challenges. If having difficulties in writing a book review, at our custom writing service?  The best thing is we offer affordable help to all our clients.

Article Reviews writing tips

Similar to writing book reviews, article reviews entails that you make a summary and critique of an article, discussing how well the author has achieved the purpose in the work presented. If you are undertaking a nursing, management, psychology, sociology and other such disciplines, then it is most likely the case that you will write many article reviews. In this regard, you will identify the purpose, approach, and format taken in doing the article, and ascertain whether this is consistent with the required standards. To achieve this, you must be conversant with the scientific research requirements in presenting findings, including the use of qualitative and quantitative approaches. Besides, it is imperative that you are conversant with various study designs; whether experimental, non-experimental and quasi experimental so as to adjudge whether the author employed the right one. Again, you need to be familiar with various statistical tools used in inference drawing, various ways that you can present findings, and how to document findings in light of the available literature. This way, you will be able to tell whether the author arrived at the right conclusions, and in what ways the work has contributed in the academic, scientific, and practical milieus. Moreover, conversance with the various study designs will inform how well the results documented could be generalized in the latter regard.

In implication, writing an article review or critique is not an easy fete, more so, if not informed on the various research standards and how to document findings scientifically. If this be the case, you can ask us to write a custom article review assignment at Veritable Essays. Our team of writers is composed of scholars who have written many articles and published them in common business and science journals and therefore, could easily assist you tackle the exercise with astonishing results if you are stuck.

Literature reviews writing

Although writing literature reviews is a common component in many academic papers, they can also be done as “stand-alone” papers, articulating to the current knowledge on a particular subject. When this is the case, you need to identify the differences between writing systematic literature reviews, as opposed to Meta analytical literature reviews. While meta-analysis reviews aggregate findings from various studies to provide a quantitative essay on a given subject, systematic reviews follow a qualitative mode; that is, studies are assessed for consistent and contrasting findings on the subject. Meta- analysis reviews of literature often can be weighted by considering their design (s), with randomized controlled studies having a great importance. Other aspects that affect the inclusion of studies for such a review include sample size, type of sample used, and comparability of interventions employed.

Writing a meta-analytical review is contingent upon a succinct understanding of various statistical assays to assess the suitability of a particular study for inclusion-exclusion purposes. Conversely, systematic reviews aim to provide current information on a particular subject. Strengths and weaknesses of the study that could have influenced the conclusion arrived at are also dissected. Unlike meta-analysis, systematic reviews are not intended to provide definitive quantitative conclusion. Rather, such reviews are critical in establishing the conceptual and theoretical frameworks while writing a long paper such as a writing a dissertation or a thesis. When systematic reviews are conducted as the final paper, they serve to disseminate the knowledge available on the topic under evaluation, highlighting contrasting viewpoints on the phenomena.

Whatever the nature the literature review takes, we could offer help if you are stuck with the exercise. Notably, we have scholars who have written many thesis, dissertations, and research term papers, all of which involved carrying out intensive reviews of the literature on a repertoire of subjects, and in a wide array of disciplines. We also offer editing services for draft literature reviews that the client has written to ensure that the final product is well organized and proceeds in a logical sequence. You can inquire for help to get a quotation of our prices depending on your needs, no matter your discipline of study, area of concentration, academic level or urgency.

Movie reviews writing

In academic cycles, the exercise of movie review writing requires that you present a summary and critique of a given movie in light of a given aspect (s) taught in class. As such, although many websites offer free movie review summaries, they might not be particularly beneficial to your class. Obviously, through the summarized contents contained in these free movie review and critique websites, you will be able to get some grasps on certain aspects in the movie, such as the themes, characters, and setting. However, in the event that you are required to demonstrate how a particular movie exemplifies the stages of team formation, in a management class for example, then such movie reviews falls a cropper.

In another instance, you might be required to write a movie review on a specified aspect of leadership style, following a study of the principles of management in a HR development class. This means that, you must be conversant with a repertoire of management and leadership theories, concepts, and practices in modern day organizations in order to articulate to the subject matter of the movie and present a well-informed review. This will further enable you to review the different scenes, characters, and other aspects of the movie in light of what the instructor wants you to achieve taking into consideration what has been covered in class.

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