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You have decided to hire a cheap custom writing service to help you with an assignment that is hard to get by, but you are not sure which ones are legitimate and which ones are cons. You perform a simple search on google, typing “the best academic writing website” on your browser. What you get is several thousand results on many services that promises to custom write papers for you; many seem genuine, and in fact do good work. But how do you tell that the company you hire is legitimate and will deliver the best products for you? Mind that, the custom writing website that appears first in searches is not necessarily the best. Again, the bigger the writing firm appears doesn’t translate to mean it is the best one to work with. Bigger is not always the best, and you might be better off hiring a firm that has only two or three employees dedicated to offering the best quality academic help, never mind they might be working from a small basement office. So, how do you choose a legitimate firm that will offer the best writing service that you can contract?

Where to Get College Essays Online

  1. Decide on the exact kind of help you want. Do you want a custom written essay, term paper, research paper, or dissertation/thesis that is developed from scratch? Might be you want a personalized admission essay? Or it could be that you actually just need some suggestions on a good topic, some additional sources, or some help in interpreting some concepts? Maybe what you actually need is help with data analysis on a research project, or maybe requires just simple editing and proofreading services? Identifying the exact kind of help you want will help you choose the best service from wide array of available options.
  2. Contact several custom writing websites, place inquiries, or get multiple consultations. Once you have decided on the exact kind of help you want, send inquiries to several of those that seem reasonably qualified with the kind of help you want. You could decide to call, email, or chat with a few of these, but keep it a secret so that they are not aware that you have several options available for you.
  3. If possible, get some case studies and referrals. The question here is can the firm tackle the kind of academic task you have? Obviously the best answer to this would be, have they done this in the past? To ascertain this, you can ask them to provide you with some sample papers they have done in the past. You can also see the kind of feedbacks they get from past clients who have used their website. In addition, you could try and see if there are any complains that are associated with the particular website. Remember that some websites claiming to offer help are just hoaxes waiting to swindle you off your hard earned cash. From your initial list, you could blacklist these con custom writing services.
  4. Make the academic writing firm tell its story of how they will get the work done for you. Obviously, even after you have performed some background checks you do not hire them based on what they have said about themselves, because every firm will try to paint itself admirably online. You want to ascertain that the way they have presented their image is actually the true picture. If you are looking to hire some employee, you could check their LinkedIn , twitter and Facebook profiles, but you won’t hire them based on what they say about themselves alone, right? You need to go a step further and confirm with the highest degree possible that what they claim to do is true. This you can manage by listening to what kind of stories they tell you about their writers, customer service, prices, money back guarantees and other policies they have.

5 Characteristics of Legit College Writing Services

Having shortlisted two or three ideal websites or firms offering cheap essay services, the next steps is to check out which one of them is the most legitimate, the one you can entrust with your work, without worrying that you will not get the quality that you are looking for. Here, we have highlighted five characteristics of legitimate custom writing websites:

  • A legitimate writings website offers a variety of help on different kinds of assignments for high school, college, undergraduate, and post-graduate students, and even more. Offering a broad range of customized writings demonstrates that they have employed quality and skilled personnel capable of handling complex assignments from simple high school essays to handling dissertations and thesis for doctorate students.
  •  A legitimate website will offer free sample papers, such that it is easy to tell how well your personalized task will be handled and what kind of quality to expect.
  • When it comes to the actual customs writings, a bona-fide website will present original, authentic, and plagiarism-free work. Moreover, they will be equipped with the Copyscape software that helps to check on plagiarism.
  • Trustworthy academic services facilitate easy communication flow between the support team, its clients, and its professional writers during work-in-progress. This ensures that the client is involved every step of the way, making it easy for them to learn in process, and make changes to instructors as might be necessary.
  • In order to ensure you hired the right service for custom writing purposes, check the length of time the company has been in existence. It goes without saying that a company that was incepted recently, even as it might be genuine, will raise a few question marks, as opposed to one that has written many custom papers in the past. The more years the company has offered academic help, the more likely it will have a more experienced and professional team.

Following these guidelines will minimize the risks of working with a service that is not legitimate, which might not give you the quality assistance you need to excel in academics as busy professional, studying, and working at the same time.

How to Buy Cheap Essays Online

As a matter of fact, there are many benefits you get when you buy custom papers online. Getting academic assistance online is fast becoming the only solution for the busy executives facing difficulties in completing campus work, owing to lack of polished writing skills or even time to commit to the many assignments. This is because, they get a model paper structured to match what they would have done, but at higher levels, and completed with time to spare. The good thing when you a purchase academic paper from legitimate writing centers is that, you learn best practices to write original assignments with outstanding results. That is, you learn how to handle complex assignments fast, carry out extensive research, interpret complex concepts, plan field studies/research, gather data, conduct data analysis, and draw inferences and conclusions following some research projects. Moreover, when you buy college essay papers online, you improve skills such grammar checking, proofreading, and checking attributing external information gathered from sources through proper referencing to avoid plagiarism. To gain all these benefits, purchase your academic papers and essays from a center that is legitimate, trustworthy, and professional in its undertakings. Talk to us at Veritable Essays if you need to buy essays from the best college paper writing service.