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edit-rewrite-proofread-perfect-a-paperMost scholars forget to edit or proofread a research or essay paper once they are done with the writing. Indeed, it is often the case that you will have conducted some research, organized the work, and done the actual writing, but at the end of the exercise finds you all exhausted before you could go through the work before submitting. In the end, you loose marks because of a few grammatical errors here and there.

Our editing services are intended to meet such a need. When you pay for this service at our site, we take care of issues such as the grammar used, formatting, spelling, punctuation, and organization of the paper. You can rely on our us, since, we ensure to improve the the flow of the work, so that the appropriate language is used throughout. We provide superior editing services as we have competent writers with masters’ and doctorate qualifications. When you place the request, “edit my essay paper” we take care to match the editor knowledgeable on your area of study as they have the potential to advice on how the content might even be improved. This will however, will not involve making additional content to the paper written. In case you need the content improved, you can always request for rewriting services, or writing from scratch.

Proofreading services that are economically charged

Our proofreading services involve fewer changes to the essay paper than those envisaged under editing services. With the proofreading service, the concern is to make corrections in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structures. This help will NOT come with new content, although we can help with minor formatting of the paper for you. In case you need substantial changes in the format, you will need to order our editing services, whereas for changes in content, you can request for custom writing services or a rewriting service. Whatever changes you need done, we have a way to get it done for you nicely. Just say proofread my essay and get instant help.

Rewriting services to make a paper just awesome…

You can request for essay paper rewriting services when you want substantial changes in content, on a draft you have written yourself. This service will ensure that the final draft meets your instructor’s requirements concerning content, organization, and referencing. However, please understand that, with the rewriting service, we will write up to 70% of the content; in other words, we will rely on the draft essay paper to add on content, as we edit and proofread the work. In case you want a completely different topic or content, then you can order for custom writing services, so that we start on the work afresh from scratch. edit-my-paperOtherwise, request for this service when you want substantial changes (up-to 70%) on the draft you have, using same or similar content and themes. This might be the case when you realize that you have not covered all the requirements needed appropriately. The rewriting service can take care of issues such as when you have not met the instructions fully, and you already know you cannot score high with that kind of submission. Talk to us anytime in such a scenario, with the request, rewrite my essay for me

Formatting services to ensure conformity with set guidelines

How does our formatting service work? First of all, appropriate formatting is critical in conveying the information in ones writing. Various reference styles stipulate the formatting guidelines needed to adhere to in presenting academic papers. Although such guidelines are available online, tracking changes that take place with respect to appropriate formatting is difficult for many students and busy professionals. Additionally, the multiple referencing styles may prove confusing where the respective units in a course require use of different styles. In case you are not sure how to proceed, then request for formatting services and get expert help. Our writers render can help with regard to citation styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian and Vancouver. We also have writers who are conversant with citation styles recommended by various professional bodies such as APSA and ASA. As such, when you request for this service, we can appropriately format the work for you, depending on the citation style required. We also go through the in-text citations to ensure that they are appropriately formatted and corresponding to sources referenced in the bibliography. Additionally, we check for other formatting requirements such as margins, font, spacing and indentation.

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