Define gender-based violence. Explore one area of gender-based violence by defining the issue, discussing issues associated with the topic you have chosen as well as the impacts?

Gender-based violence entails any act that results in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to the opposite gender, including threats such as coercion, or arbitrary deprivations of liberty, both in private and public spheres (Terry & Hoarre, 2007). Violence is both a broad and a multifaceted concept, with gender-based violence being more prominent. Men have been perpetrators of violence among women. Violence against women is a topical issue with women experiencing disenfranchisement in the social, economic, and political realms. Taking cognizance of this particular fact, it therefore follows that, there is need to focus on the possible alleviatory strategies. As policy makers aim at obtaining a platform for equity and justice, the involvement of men is critical.

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The involvement of men in violence prevention is a reliable panacea towards the eradication of men’s violence against women. For instance, in Australia, men’s engagement in violence prevention against women has seen the admittance of Men Against Sexual Assault groups (MASA), that have perpetually voiced their dissatisfaction with sexist groups (Pease, n.d.). This encapsulates working with men who are directly engaged in violence. Such a methodology grants invitation to realistic and holistic interventions. For instance, the creation of awareness workshops and campaigns fuel active engagement with men, as they are able to develop homegrown solutions to the predicament.

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