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The Modern Work Place and the Generation Clash

The generation clash in the workplace today is proving to be quite challenging. A lack of understanding and increasing tension between many older managers and their younger employees is adding to this tension and with a workforce that is ageing rapidly more people will leave the workforce than enter it for the first time in […]

The Effects of Environmental Hazards on Prenatal Development

The effects of environmental influences are wide-ranging depending on the prevailing environmental factors. A particular stage of development fails to take place normally, especially the critical period when cells multiply and enlarge to form organs. Prenatal development is critical in determining the health and structure of a newborn. For example, exposure to chemicals, radioactive material, […]

Starbucks Marketing Mix Analysis Sample Essay

When a company enters in the market to sell its products, it combines various elements of marketing in order to enhance consumer satisfaction. This combination is referred to as marketing mix. It is important in maintaining competitiveness in the market especially when there are competing organizations offering similar products. The 4ps, which represents Product, Place, […]